Princeton Clark


Princeton has over 17 years of experience in different genres of photography, and 7+ years working with models and coaching them on building their career.  He has established a strong focus in many areas. Photography is not just something to do... It is a passion.  A passion that is rooted in creating something great in each moment.  

B.o.A. stand for Body of Art, and it embodies the philosophy that with each breath we become something new.  Because of this, B.o.A. Photography and Modeling is a formless entity, and the goal is to service any client whose needs we may be able to facilitate.  Princeton specialize in Model Photography, Fitness Photography, Regular Portraiture, Art/Creative Photography, Illustrative Photography, Wedding Photography, and much more.  

Feel free to check out the website, and if there is anything that B.o.A. can do for you, then don't hesitate to contact us!