B.O.A. is so diverse, and there are so many different ways to build your image, and really create a demand for your look. B.O.A. Photography is just one aspect of B.O.A. Modeling and Promotional Agency, but there is so much more for models to benefit from.  Things like the following:

•Model Coaching
•Model Press Kits
•Promotional Videos for Models really looking to expand their image.
•Focused shoots that assist the model in creating a image that creates a demand for her look
•Model Promotion
•Model Workshops
•Makeup/Hair Workshops

You are a BODY OF ART!  If you are interested in becoming a B.O.A. Model then fill out the form to the left.  After you submit your application, then you must submit 5-10 photos by clicking HERE, and if selected you will begin a great journey of self discovery and transformation in this wonderful business! I look forward to working with new faces, and aspiring models who have real potential to go somewhere in this profession.  

Good Luck!
Princeton Clark
B.O.A. President

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